The UK forum for Adult Fans of LEGO

The Brickish Association

The Brickish Association is a UK-based community of Adult Fans of LEGO (AFOLs). We are a very active community both on and off the Internet. Our members are interested in all aspects of LEGO, from its history and collecting to building and displaying.

Find out more about us and our events below.

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APT style train at STEAM
Mealtime at the AGM
LEGO Club weekend at Windsor 2007

Join Us

Read more about the association, the benefits of membership and download a membership form.


We hold many events all over the UK, from large public displays to LEGO-fests for members only. This page provides links to photo galleries of some of them.


News about the Brickish Association, its members and events.

LUG Showcase

We provide models for the 'Showcase' display cases at the LEGO brand stores in the UK. These are View photos of current and past models.

The Brick Issue

The Brick Issue is the Brickish Association's very own newsletter written by members for members. Download PDFs of back issues here.

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